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Skribblez Story: On very hot day in August 2004, I decided to take a trip down to the Maricopa County Animal Care and Control in Mesa Arizona. I have been here before, same place I adopted Salem, our Labrador Retriever.

My intentions that day were just to "browse", and perhaps look at cats that may have a personality like my late cat "Noodles". I have been here before browsing for that "special" personality. As I made my way down the institutional concrete wing, I looked at each cat briefly until I reached the end. I noticed a few active cats, sleeping cats, crouched and scared cats. Some of them caught my eye. I then made my way back and was drawn in to a cat who was about a year old, and very vociferous. I noticed the tag on the door "available" and "ready to adopt". As I spent more time in front of the door, this young cat was rolling around on the concrete and meowing. She approached my hand to pet her and purred and was pleased with the attention. I could see that she had a "personality", and from there I went home debating on if I should get her.

The next day, I made the trip back to the animal shelter and walked down the wing she was on. There was a couple standing in front of one of the cages that she was near. As I walked up to that spot, I realized they were petting the cat with "personality". The cat was up to her usual, meowing and purring. I realized if I didn't go back to the counter and pick a number, I may lose my chance to adopt her.

I filled out the paperwork, paid the required fees and was told I couldn't pick her up until a couple of days due to required health checks and spaying. To much my surprise, when I brought her home, she was unlike any cat I have ever owned. She didn't hide for two weeks, and not even for one day. She made herself at home instantly. She warmed up to the dogs almost imediately.

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